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Top 5 GitHub pull request Slack Integration


There are different types of GitHub pull requests Slack integration and today we’ve summarized our research into an article and table for you to easily compare:

IntegrationCollaborative (channel per PR)GitHub actions & checksHigh PR level viewAccess to codePR RemindersPricingNote
Axoloβœ…βœ…βœ…πŸ”΄βœ…Β 0βˆ’8 - 8/developerBest for teams
Official GitHub SlackπŸ”΄βœ…πŸ”΄βœ…βœ…Β FreeΒ 
Toast.NinjaπŸ”΄πŸ”΄βœ…πŸ”΄βœ…4$/developerProvides analytics
EleminderπŸ”΄β“βœ…πŸ”΄βœ…FreeAvailable on Gitlab

Here is a 10 minutes YouTube video recap of this article:

1. Axolo

Focusing on collaboration across the whole engineering team, Axolo is not another pull request notification bot. It's been designed to talk about code easily and resolve pull requests in the most efficient way possible.

😍 What we like:

Axolo makes a temporary Slack channel for every GitHub pull request, it will invite reviewers and assignees to the channel, notify them of relevant events like code comments, comments, GitHub Actions, Deployments and finally it will archive the channel once you close or merge pull request.

πŸ€” Improvements:

Some teams have shared that it used to be too noisy. The Axolo team introduced code reviewing timeslots in September 2021. Developers can choose the time in the day when they want to be invited to review a new pull request. It's a good way to keep the focus on coding and having dedicated time for code reviews during the day.

Axolo screenshot
Axolo Screenshot

2. Official GitHub Slack integrations.

Since this is an official integration there are cool features you will not see in another type of reminder bots, such as displaying code directly in Slack.

😍 What we like:

Code can be displayed directly in Slack. It's highly customizable, you can choose which repository you can subscribe to, deactivate some notifications. The integration is well documented. It's also maintained by the GitHub team, and if you have questions you might be able to ask them directly.

πŸ€” What we don't like:

It takes time to set it up and can be confusing as well. In order to have it work, you will need to subscribe manually to each of the repositories using Slack slash commands.

GitHub Slack Integration Screenshot
GitHub Slack Integration Screenshot

3. Toast.Ninja

😍 What we like:

They have a enterprise version for GitHub enterprise. It feels like the founders spend a lot of time making it fully integrated into Slack. For example, the onboarding process is well integrated into Slack, where you can choose different options without leaving the app.

They recently added analytics that are sent directly into Slack as well.

πŸ€” What we don't like:

The lack of GitHub actions and deployments notifications. We didn't find any collaborative aspect to this app. It could easily be used by just one person in the team.

Toast Ninja Screenshot
Toast Ninja Screenshot

**4. CodeKickBot and 5. Eleminder **

😍 What we like:

It's free and simple. You receive in direct messages notifications about code comments and reviews.

πŸ€” What we don't like:

We are not sure whether it's been updated last.

They do not have GitHub actions notifications, either deployment notifications.

CodeKickBot Screenshot
CodeKickBot Screenshot


We looked at 5 different GitHub and Slack integrations. Those 5 integrations take a different approach in trying to make pull requests last shorter.

We see two types of GitHub and Slack integrations:

1. The one that are simple notifications based on events:

Those bots, like Toast.ninja, the official GitHub Slack integration will notify either you personally or a channel that a Pull Request is ready to be reviewed.

2. The truly collaborative apps:

Axolo is the best in this category. On top of enabling the right notifications (like CI/CD, GitHub actions, deployment and checks), Axolo creates contextual channels for each Pull Request.

Companies that use Axolo found that creating those spaces to talk about a specific pull request makes it easier to collaborate during code reviews and resolve pull requests quickly.

Axolo is a Slack app to help techteams review pull request seamlessly